Dec 22

Here is a service I have wanted to try in the past but didnt want to pay.  They have a special offer now through Jan 31st.  Sign up and get it free – forever!!

Going to give it try.  Let me know if you have an account or get one and what you think.

Backupify drops paywall; backs up your data from Twitter, Facebook, and Gmail | Between the Lines | .

Nov 30

Makes you want to go buy a newspaper and read it with friends. I am not going to lie I miss the paper sometimes. This vid is genius!

Nov 23

Two disk drives, a color monitor and 64k memory.  I am in heaven.  I love these retro ads.

A 1980s Home Computer Family Celebration | Technologizer .

Nov 18

Both the Japanese and the Germans had such advanced tech.  Here is yet another example of Japanese sub tech.  They wanted to use these big subs to launch bombing raids into the western US.  Also had plans to release rats with the plague and other such deadly viruses. The US sunk the few that were captured so the Russians wouldn’t get a hold of them.

Hard to imagine a world at war.  Let’s hope it never happens again.  It will be far worse than some rats and bombs I fear.

WWII Japanese sub found off coast of Hawaii.

Nov 17

This is a sad, sad day for torrent fans all over the globe.  The Pirate Bay torrent site will shut down for good this week.  Last month we had a taste of what this would be like when they were down for a couple of weeks.  It was tough as the rest of the torrent tracker sites pale in comparison.  TPB’s ease of use and the wonderfully comedic comment section has always made TPB my favorite.  Just like when Napster went away the adjustment will be painful but something new will arise to take its place.  Maybe it will be even better. (crossing fingers)

Have a favorite torrent site?  Let me know.

via The Pirate Bay Tracker Shuts Down for Good | TorrentFreak .

Nov 17

One Day, Someone Will Post the Blu-ray Version of This Video.

Check out Mary Harts hair.  How long before that hair style returns?

via One Day, Someone Will Post the Blu-ray Version of This Video – Laserdiscs – Gizmodo.

Nov 12

Over the many years I have been visiting Catholic churches I have wondered why anyone would put their hand in the germ basin which is the holly water hole.  So glad to see the Italians are leaping forward into this century with personal holy water dispensers.  See the Swine Flu is good for something.  American Catholic churches  how much longer before you are on board the germ free train?

Holy water dispensers to combat swine flu – Boing Boing.

Nov 12

How much longer before this will be an app on my iphone.  I want to be able to scan my body from the comfort of my own home and have it tell me what is wrong with me.  No more WebMD’ing it.   Doctors worst nightmare.

One Day, This Will Be Remembered as the First Tricorder Ever – Iphone chemical sensor – Gizmodo.

Nov 10

Why is it that Blockbuster is always behind the times.  It is like a bunch of really old men are running the company.  Old men who still think AM radio and Disco are cool.  I mean who in the hell is still using an SD Card?

Blockbuster to Rent Movies on SD Cards, but Why? | TechWatch | Fast Company.

Nov 10

No more sunglasses!  I cant wait.  What do you think the price tag for these will be?

Technology Review: Contact Lenses that Respond to Light.